Once again the European Champions…. sorry… European Open will have a new record breaking number of participating countries. We will give you a daily update on the Participants here!


Different year, same faces. Headsinfarkt and Ullix aka Sebastian Headdel qualified as Team Germany for the third time in a row. Ullix even managed to be the #1-seed for Germany by beating the European Champion in the finals of the German Qualification. Here’s everything you need to know about the two Germans:

Current World Ranking?

Starting with the #1-seed, Ullix is currently ranked second in the world ranking with a total of 980 points. Pretty impressive if you keep in mind that he only played 8 tournaments this year!

Germanys #2 aka Headsinfarkt is ranked on position one in the world ranking with a stunning 1716 points in total. Impressive number but will the European Champion be able to defend his title especially against his teammate who won against him two times in a row (European Qualifier in Germany and Headclash finals).

Team Germany is strong as always. Ever other country should be warned: If you want ti play the final you have to beat Germany in the end. But 2017 showed that everything is possible! #RememberSwissHEAD

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the four countries that participated at the first ever European Championship. One thing hasn’t changed since then: Duckbetty is a part of the team. The Czech veteran had his biggest moment in 2016 when he defeated SwissHEAD and ended up on third place to put the Czech Republic right behind the two Germans that battle in the finals. Also qualified for 2018 and a part of the European Open for the first time: Kouba. The Newcomer is the dark horse of the competition. He is quick, ambitious and can play his first EO without any pressure.

Current World Ranking?

The veteran Duckbetty played 5 tournaments and has 45 points. He had his biggest moment in 2018 when he stole one set from the famous Lauchgesicht (#5 in the world ranking). Kouba currently ranks a bit higher with 4 tournaments and 60 points. His biggest moment was his three-set-match against Sniper Schorsch in his first game in the round of the last 16 players in Darmstadt.

For sure the czech guys are not that high seeded in the world ranking because they play there own tournament series in CZ. But it’s not only about the ranking. The big moments happen in tournaments like the European Open, especially when it’s in your hometown! #Trolleybus


Next up: Switzerland. Another country that participated at the first ever European Championship/Open in 2015. Like ever year SwissHEAD is part of the team and will try to defend his second place of 2017 or even become European Champion… who knows. But this time he only qualified as #2. The #1-seed of Switzerland goes to none other than Nikolaus Kopfernikus. The humble guy has been around for a while at the Headis tournament series but never made it to the European Open before (he was there as one of the partybeast but this time he has to prove that he can play and party at the same time).

Current World Ranking?

Sadly but true: SwissHEAD played his last official tournament in December 2017 in Kaiserslautern, where he made it to the round of the best 32. He for sure plays much better than his current worldranking allows us to perceive. Kopfernikus on the other hand is listed on rank #39 with a total of 97 points. It will be fun to see which impact he will have on the tournament in Brno.

You can tell for sure: Don’t underestimate Switzerland. SwissHEAD knows how to play Headis and still is the defending vice-champion. Then Kopfernikus defeated him at the swiss qualifier so be aware of what Team CH can do.


The change of the name from European Championship to European Open should be plausible after the two participations of the DomRep. This year we got the next participating country from outside of Europe. Headis Japan sends two players to the EO for the first time including coach Genki. The best is that they will also be part of the Headis Cup in Bratislava. Pure Awesomeness!

Current World Ranking?

The position in the world ranking of Nobu and Kazu only has little meaning because they only participated in one tournament so far. They were part of the 100th tournament in December 2017 in Kaiserslautern and both of them made it two the first k.o.-round. Kazu even managed to get second in group stage right behind Pressure Pete. We all will have to wait till the day of the tournament to see how good Team Japan is or how good they became since December. One thing is clear for sure: It will be fun to watch the Japanese players battle against all time greats of the different headis nations like Headisinfarkt, Duckbetty or SwissHEAD,


2018 will be the second participation of Slovakia at the European Open and the team will try to outdo their awesome 4th place from 2017. They even got the perfect players to get to their goal: ŽABA and Dendiik, two of the most athletic guys at the world cup series.

Current World Ranking?

ŽABA is ranked on #120 with 18 points, but he only has two tournaments counting in the ranking. Dendiik on the other hand played 5 tournaments for 102 points and rank #37. Both guys play the tournaments of Slovakia, too, what makes them hard to predict. Dendiik, who also participated 2017 and who ended up on rank #4, is always one the players with the best stamina and is able to play on the highest level. He managed to reach the Quarterfinal at the Atom Cup in brussels. How good ŽABA is is hard to predict. He plays less tournaments, but defeated his teammate at the qualification for the European Open. Everybody should keep in mind: All games of Slovakia will be fun to watch and thrilling to watch.


The Netherlands will be part of the European Open for the first time. Last year they couldn’t make it, this year they are even more on fire to be part of the tournament. Funkshaker and MickHead, a lot of you will also know them as Robbert and Michiel, will represent the Netherlands at this years European Open.

Current World Ranking?

Both started playing Headis in 2016 and played their first tournament in Mainz. Their last tournament has been the 100th in Kaiserslautern where MickHead was eliminated in the group phase and Funkshaker made it to the first round. It will be fun to watch how they will compete in the European Open especially when they play against veterans like Headsinfarkt or Duckbetty. Everybody is ready to see Team NL in action.

more to come