Tournament & Dates

Once again players of different countries will compete at the EC. So far players of six countries are confirmed.

Each of our partner countries will send two players to Constance. Every resident of this country or everybody with the particular passport can play the qualification in that country. Every player can olny compete in one qualification! Important for all youth players: This year players of all ages can compete at the EC.

Qualification Dates

  • 29.04.2017 Qualification Slowakia – Qualified: 1. Nosso –  2. Dendiik
  • 29.04.2017 Qualification Switzerland – Qualified: 1. SwissHEAD –  2. Ko-Pfilot
  • 14.05.2017 Qualification Belgium – Qualified: 1. Karate Head –  2. Ali-Adam
  • 03.06.2017 Qualification Czech Republic
  • 10.06.2017 Qualification Netherlands
  • 16.06.2017 Qualification Germany

World Ranking

This year the winner of each qualification will get 40 points for the World Ranking. The player that places second will get 32 point. Everybody else who competes at a qualification will get 24 points!

Procedure & Timetable – Friday

The german qualification will start on friday 16th of June at 1 p.m.. About every 20 minutes we will play a round-the-table. 30 in total. All 30 winners + the german players of last year (Headsinfarkt and Sebastian Headdel) will play a regular K.O. Tournament. Both finalists qualify for the European Championship. The last round-the-tables will be played at 6 p.m. so you don’t necessarily have to be there at 1 p.m. Girly and boys will play together.

Procedure & Timetable – Saturday

On saturday we are ready to rumble! Each country has 2 players that compete about the European Championship. After the group stage all ranks will be played about. These are the games everybody is waiting for all day! We will probably start at 11 a.m. and the  final matches start at 3 p.m.

Comepting Countries

So far the following countries are ready to go: Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic

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