Why Playground?

The slogan of this year’s WC is PLAYGROUND. We will provide you with several side events and we will try to transform the location into a big Playground for all ages! Always keep in mind: You’re never too old for a playground maybe you just forgot how much fun it is!

Color the World!

Every playground needs some chalk and for sure a “Hickelkasten”! We will provide you with different colored chalks and it’s on you to color the location! So be creative…

Bouncy Castle

No bouncy castle, no playground… nuff said


We got two Bumperballs for you and a lot of ideas what to do with them… be curios


You want to remember your your wc-playground-weekend for the rest of your life? No problem for our fotobox


Wanna be the king of the playground? Only with the biggest castle. The best castle gets rewarded with a special price

Sir Henry

Our friends of Sir Henry will also be part of the PLAYGROUND and you can be curios about what they will bring to the World Championship


A soccerball, two opponents and a stop watch… challenge your friends!

RockTown Climbing Wall

Our friends of the boulder hall RockTown will join the playground with their transportable climbing wall. Everyone who’s into climbing can have some fun between the headis matches

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