Headis Olymp 2020
June - 2020 - Göttingen

Headis arrived in Göttingen back in 2009. In 2010 the World Championship was held there. In June 2020 it’s Headis Olympus again! See the specials at a glance: 🔱 3-Star-Tournament 🔱 incredible Sportbags for all the players 🔱 divine Buffet 🔱 two free overnight stays! (Bring your sleeping mat & bag) 🔱Aftershow at the Sechs […]

Headis World Championship 2020 – The Qualification
July - 2020 - Kaiserslautern

Once more Kaiserslautern, where Headis has started back in 2006, will host the World Championship! On Friday 24th of July the qualification kicks off before the main tournaments starts on saturday 25th. Absolutely everybody can compete at the qualification! Just register here and you will be drawn to a qualification group on friday! Tournament Specials […]

Welcome Back Cup
July - 2020 - Kaiserslautern

We switch from WC to WB. World Championship becomes Welcome Back. We hope that we can realize a simple tournament but due to the current situation some international players probably can’t come to Kaiserslautern so we can’t call this a World Championship. We plan to have the tournament on the 25th but if it rains, […]

Headis Cup Luxemburg
August - 2020 - Luxemburg

You don’t wanna miss that one! We bring you to a music festival incl. entry fee & overnight stay. This one is gonne be epic! Save the date!

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