Headis Cup Saarbrooklyn – we keep going!
September - 2020 - Saarbrücken

We keep going! Next Stop: Saarbrücken! The specials at a glance: 2.0-Star-Tournament Goodie for all players to be continued Tournament start: 11am or 12 noon – will be announced soon Sign up now!

Headis Cup Hannover
October - 2020 - Hannover

Headis Cup Hannover! The specials so far: 2-Star-Tournament Goodie for all tournament players two free overnight stays in the hall great food by the Hannover Crew more to come..! Tournament & Sleeping-Hall: Maschstraße 16, 30169 Hannover Warmup: 10 am | Tournament-Start: 11 am

Weihnachtsköpperei IX
December - 2020 - Kaiserslautern

Last year we set a new record with 192 players! So save the date! The tournament specials (so far) at a glance: 4 Star Tournament Tournament Goodie for all players Best Dress Contest (Motto: Circus) Round-the-table for a Wildcard for the Headis Masters 2020 free Party entry aaaaandsomuchmore Warmup: 10 am Tournament Start: 11 am […]

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