Headis Cup Hannover
October - 2020 - Hannover

Headis Cup Hannover! There is space for 70 guys and 18 girls. Before we had to cancel the cup in April, there were 64 players signed in. Most of them already had payed. The paid registrations are still valid but you have to send a mail to info@headis.com that you still want to compete in […]

Weihnachtsköpperei IX
December - 2020 - Kaiserslautern

Last year we set a new record with 192 players! So save the date! The tournament specials (so far) at a glance: 4 Star Tournament Tournament Goodie for all players Best Dress Contest (Motto: Circus) Round-the-table for a Wildcard for the Headis Masters 2020 free Party entry aaaaandsomuchmore Warmup: 10 am Tournament Start: 11 am […]

Glück Auf Cup 2021
January - 2021 - Bochum

YESSIR! 2021 starts in Bochum! There can’t be too many players to keep the distances. By the way: Everybody will have to wear a mask unless you’re in the shower or doing sports. 3-Star-Tournament Turniergoodie for all players awesome Cups Great food Maybe it will be possible to sleep from saturday to sunday in the […]

Teatime Madness 2021
April - 2021 - Darmstadt

You know it. Darmstadt is the total package! Last year it went up tp 4 stars but due to Corona we went down at all tournaments. This one will still be a 3 star-tournament! The Specials at a glance 3-Star-Tournament Goodie for all players Great food by the Darmstadt Crew So far we can’t tell […]

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