It’s header ping pong. Just try it!

You need a table tennis table and a Headis Ball. The best advice is to put your hands on the table and bend your knees. Always watch the ball and smash it with your forehead. Everything else is up to you!

Everybody who is tall enough to look above the table. You can play Headis with or without physical power with or without acrobatics and even with or without strategy. Just go with the flow and try out everything that comes to your mind.

There are no big differences between girls and boys. Everybody can play Headis and have fun!

The smartest peolpe on earth ask themselves this question so often! The current assumption: The game is fast. The game is easy and you can move however you want. You just have to feel Headis once and will fall in love with this game forever.

No definately not. The ball is made of soft rubber and weighs only about 100 gramms. The ball is used for years and there were no harms at the head. At the beginning you might get the ball onto your nose but even 5 year old girls didn’t mind and directly wanted to play on.

The more solid the better. Please don’t use very instabil tables but you can use any regular solid table. The net is also important. It is more stabil than a table tennis net and doesn’t bent down when it gets hit. Public tables always have a metal net so they are good to play with. Be aware that you always play at your own risk.

You need the special Headis Ball and a stabil net.
Besides that you only need you head some nice music and at least one friend that is interested in something new!

No. At the beginning it is important to put your hands on the table. So you can orientate yourself and know where the table is. When you’ve been playing for a while you will automatically know where the table is and you will stand lower.

Sure. You can only touch the ball with your head. See all the rules here.

Wir haben ihn erfunden. In zischenden Labors mit dampfenden Reagenzgläsern und ein paar Fanatikern, die pausenlos Prototypen weggeköpft haben. Der Ball ist 100 Gramm leicht, hat einen Durchmesser von 7 Zoll, springt gut und ist sehr nachgiebig.

If you have fun trying out new things and have enough elegance and swag you are a good one!


Everybody can sign up for the tournaments and be part of the Headis Community!

Have you ever seen professional wrestling? Peter Smith wouldn’t best the Undertaker! Rolli the Butcher has better chances!