§1 Headis-Ball

Headis is being played with a special rubber ball that weighs 100 gramm and has a circumference of 50 cm. The Headis Match Ball.

§2 Points/Sets

A player has to win two sets to win the game. A set is won when a player reaches 11 points first. If both players have 10 points you have to get two points ahead to win a set.

§3 Service

The service has to bounce on the own side first and then on the opponents side. If the ball touches the net or the opponents edge the service will be repeated. A mistake at the service leads to a direct point for the opponent. During the service it is not allowed to hold the ball above the table. The ball has to be completely behind the baseline when it leaves the hand.

§4 Volleyheader

Die direct header without touching the table is allowed (Volleyheader). After each header (volley or not) you have to touch the ground with any part of the body.

§5 Net

It is not allowed to touch the ball behind the net. When the ball is completely on the opponents side it can’t be played. If the Ball jumps from your own side of the table (e.g after a drop shot) to the side of the table it is allowed to play it on the opponents side as well. Therefore the ball has to be completely aside of the table.

§6 Right to Serve

The right to serve is played off before the game and changes after three played points. If the score is 11:10 the right to serve changes after two played points each. After each set he right to serve changes as well.

§7 Touching the Table

The players are allowed to touch the table with any part of their bodies permanently. The point is lost if you touch the ball with any other part than your head.

§8 Fairplay

Fairplay is important. Controversial situations will be repeated.

§9 Groupstage/ K.O. stage

At the groupstage at the tournaments each player is playing against every other group member. The spreadsheet are adjusted to the number of tournament players.  In each group two players are set in order to the Headis World Ranking. In order to the size of the tournament a different amount of players per group is qualified to the K.O. stage. If the players have equal game and set ratio they play an deciding extra set.

§10 Men/Women

For men and women the same rules are valid.

§11 Headis Masters

For the annual Headis Masters Tournamen the best 18 guys and 8 girls are qualified. Addiotionally there are two wildcards given out to each starting field. The Headis Masters doesn’t effect the World Ranking.

§12 Headis Weltmeisterschaft

The Headis World Championship is played during two days including a qualification. The best 16 players of the Headis World Ranking don’t have to play the qualification. The Headis World Championship is the only 5 star tournament.

§13 Wildcards

For some Tournaments wildcards are given out. They enable to play the Headis Masters or the World Championship.

§14 Signing Fee/Confirmation of Participation

After paying the signing fee you and after receiving the confirmation of your participation (by mail) from the Organisers you are officially enabled to take part of the tournament.