Headis Ranking

The Headis World Ranking is compiled by the last 15 World Cup Tournaments. The tournaments get a ratin (stars), The points each player reaches at the tournamen are multiplied with the rating. The Winner of the Headis World Championship (only 5 star tournament) is getting 200 points in total for the Headis Ranking (40 points for the 1st place multiplied with the 5 stars).

The Headis Tournaments are rated between 1 and 5 stars. There are half stars as well. If two players have the same count of points the one that has played less tournaments.

Winner40 Points
2nd Place32 Points
3rd Place24 Points
4th Place16 Points
Quarterfinal12 Points
Round of Last 168 Points
Round of Last 324 Points
Round of Last 642 Points
Round of Last 1281,5 Points
Group Stage1 Point

Other Tournamens without influence on the World Ranking

Headis Masters

The best 18 guys and 8 girls of each year qualify for the Headis Masters. Additionally there are two wildcards given out for each starting field. As the Headis Masters is a Tournament you have to qualify for it doens’t effect the World Ranking

European Championship

The European Championship is also a tournamen you have to qualify for so it doesn’t effect the World Ranking. The players of our official partner-countries can qualify for it. The qualification tournaments for the EC can effect the World Ranking.