Corona-Update – Tournaments24.03.2020

You know what’s going on.

We had to cancel several tournaments due to Corona. Nobody can predict the future but we hope that we all can have our comeback in June in Göttingen or at the World Championship in July with more than 200 players.

Maybe there will be a time when events with 100 people are allowed so we could start with smaller tournaments. Of course this is just a speculation. So for now unfortunately there is no more update to give.

So the only thing we all can do is play some Street Headis at home. On the 2nd of May it’s #WorldHeadisDay and we’re planning on some great Street Headis with you. Stay tuned!

Headis EO cancelled12.03.2020

Most of the times Headis hat its own rules but sometimes there is something bigger.

Due to the Corona Vorus we have to postpone the European Open 2020. In Czech Republic schooles are closed and events are limited to 100 people. As nobody can predict the situation in May and we cannot cancel it short-termed we decided to postpone it. Our friends from Japan and Hong Kong had to cancel their participation weeks ago. We will wait and see when we’ll be able give the EO the setting it deserves.

Teatime Madness 2020 – Recap04.03.2020

Fun and Games at the Teatime Madness 2020 with 150 Players, including an extra Tournament for youngsters.

As always there was a great buffet, nice gym, funny side-events and great Headis sports.

150 Players attend the tournament
Teabag throwing contest
Bito-Shot challenge
For the first time – apart from the WC – there was a youth tournament
Great buffet including a sushi-wheel
The well-known bembel trophies
The Winner!

New Rules for the Headis Masters 202128.02.2020
Winners at the Headis Masters
Pic: Chriggel

With the upcoming Headis Masters there will be no “Online Wildcard” anymore. We will expand the spots of the annual Ranking that qualify for the Headis Masters with the best players in the World.

The huge round-the-table at the end of the Weihnachtsköpperei in Kaiserslautern will of course still be played so at the end of the day all players for the Headis Masters are certain.