Nach Leipzig ist vor Bochum!09.10.2019

Nach dem Turnier ist vor dem Turnier! Wursti und Conny haben wie immer das letzte Turnier Revue passieren lassen und blicken auf den nächsten Cup! Das Teilnehmerfeld ist kurz davor komplett ausgebucht zu sein, aber wenige Plätze sind noch frei. Viel Spaß mit der neuen Folge ‘Hass aber fair’!

Und für die Nostalgiker unter euch gibt’s den Recap vom Turnier in Bochum 2012! So manchens Gesicht von damals sieht man heute immer noch an der Platte!

Green Christmas08.10.2019

It’s jsut October but we’re already in christmas mood. As every year we celebrate the huge and so great end-of-the-year-tournament! Of course we got a huge load of specials for you!

4 stars

Looooots of players, total package – sure, this one has a 4 star-rating!

Irish Christmas

We have massive plans! This year we celebrate green christmas so look forward to nice irish stuff at the bar and show us what you got with your green costumes. Need inspiration? How about Kermit, Shrek, Yoshi, Green Lantern, Hulk, Grinch or a green M&M. There are endless ideas! And of course the party will be at an Irish Pub!


This will be a surprise but we can already tell: It won’t be a shirt!

Best Dress Contest

The best costumes will be rewarded! Still need some ideas? How about Luigi, Mike from Monsters INC, Yoda, Slimer, Sichlor, Bisasam or Gamora!

#firstrow #VIP

Secret Santa + Round the Table

Now listen! For the first time we’ll do a Secret Santa! Everybody who takes part at this will be allowed to play the huge round-tthe-table after the tournament to win a Masters-Wildcard!

It works like this: Just bring a present for about 5 to max. 10€ and you’ll receice a tombola-batch. This batch allows you to play the round-the-table and after you finished this one you can exchange it against your new present! Of course you can write you name on the present you give away to the one who receives it, knows where it comes from.

2019 review

We’re ready for the great review of this insane year 2019


At the party we can finally go totally crazy! The Headis DJ-Team smashes some music and we prepared lots of pubspecials that you don’t wanna miss!

All this and even more awaits you at the Weihn8sköpperei! Please mind that for a free overnight stay you have to write to and then we’re ready for the biggest one-day-tournament of the year! Merry Christmas!

Headição on the road again25.09.2019

Besides our tournaments about once a month and all the things a startup is dealing with we meanwhile run our Charity Project Headição for more then 5 years now! Headição is about bringing sports to underpriviliged kids so they can move, have fun and learn together. The next international visit is about to happen.

At our last stay in South Africa we had a great cooperation with ‘Weltwärts’ und dem ASC Göttingen and due to their awesome volunteers it is guaranteed that a long-termed sports programm can be realised. That’s why we not only build the tables but also teach the volunteers how to show Headis to others. So in October we head to South Afrca – to Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys bay in new Townships and new institutions.

You can support us!

René once again does not consider himself too good for getting footballs fired at his butt! As always you can donate any amount you want. For each 5€ there will be one shot taken. Everybody who donates 5€ or more will be mentioned in the video to see if “his” shots hit René. Here you can straight up support the action!

Furthermore Carl Kenz is still an inherent part of the Headição-Team who incredibly renews old facades and brings so many smiles on so many faces of the kids and adults.

Ganz neu mit an Bord: HesherBall

Matching our motto „Balls and Colorz for the World” we also take lots of HesherBall-Sets to South Africa. The space-saving game is build up quickly and it only takes zwo sets to make a whole class move. Even very young kids can play HesherBall so the kids from elementary schools can play along together!

We’re ready to go! The plane leaves more or less right after the Headis-Tournament in Bochum – leaving on monday 14th of October. You can support us and help us visiting even more institutions worldwide to initiate programms for the kids. All donations that reach us until the 14th will count upon the amount for René Challenge!

Donate now!

Nach dem Turnier ist vor dem Turnier!05.09.2019

Bevor wir am Wochenende alle nach Leipzig pilgern, gönnen wir uns hier den Rückblick auf den Headclash 2019!

Wir blicken auf den Headclash 201914.08.2019

Bester Headclash aller Zeiten?! Wir blicken kurz auf den Headclash 2018 und dann direkt auf das kommende Wochenende!

Freut euch auf die Turnierbaum-Revolution! Bei den Jungs kommen alle 96 Teilnehmer in die KO-Runde! In zwei KO-Runden werden sie auf 24 reduziert, spielen danach sechs knüppelharte Vierergruppen und danach geht es mit dem Achtelfinale weiter. Aber genug der Worte. Wir schauen uns noch mal die großartige Top 10 aus dem letzten Jahr und, bevor Wurst und Conni von HeadclashTV über das kommende Turnier philosophieren.

Für Livebilder- und Videos vom Turnier, checkt uns auf Insta aus: @headis_sports und für den richtig krassen Insiderkram folgt ihr auch noch @headclashtv

Headis WC 201913.08.2019

Dude, how awesome was that? New record in competing players (196), the first player from India and this incredible World Championship atmosphere! Congratz to everybody who was that incl. the World Champions Headsinfarkt and Theadix. The results:


  1. Theadix
  2. Red Hot Chili Headers missing Pepper
  3. The Big Bad Head
  4. Platzwunder


  1. Headsinfarkt
  2. Sniper Schorsch
  3. Lauchgesicht
  4. Ullix

Check out the best pics, the great Edit and the résumé by Headclash TV with Wurst and Conni!

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