Das RundumsorglosPaket zur Headis WM 201910.07.2019

So langsam sind die Spannung und die Vorfreude nicht mehr auszuhalten! Um beides gleichermaßen zu beruhigen und zu befeuern, bekommt ihr hier das RundumsorglosPaket zur Headis Weltmeisterschaft 2019!

  • In der Nähe vom TFC-Gelände könnt ihr problemlos beim toom Baumarkt parken. Beim Media Markt solltet ihr nicht parken, da dort insbesondere am Wochenende kontrolliert wird aber beim toom haben wir alles geklärt.
  • Am Freitagabend stellen wir euch beim TFC einen großen Grill zur Verfügung und sorgen dafür, dass dort ein Feuer brennt. Ihr könnt euch also gern etwas zum Grillen mitbringen und auf den Rost feuern.
  • Ab 16 Uhr ist am Freitag Einlass bei der SWK und ihr könnt euch mehr oder weniger direkt zur Quali melden.
  • Die Mädels spielen keine Quali, bei den Jungs kann jeder mitmachen, der sich bis 22.30 bei uns an der SWK gemeldet hat. Dort gehen dann die letzten Qualigruppen des Tages raus.
  • Zwischen Mitternacht und 1:00 Uhr hauen wir dann auf Facebook die finalen Gruppen für den Samstag raus.
  • Samstagsmorgens fährt euch dann der Shuttlebus um 9:45 Uhr zur SWK. Ab 10 Uhr Warmspielen und pünktlich um 11 geht das Hauptfeld los.
  • Etwa eine halbe Stunde nach der Siegerehrung fährt euch der Shuttlebus zurück zum TFC. Dort könnt ihr easy duschen. An der SWK wird nicht geduscht!
  • Und noch ein kleines Schmankerl zum Schluss: Aus jeder Gruppe am Samstag wird ein Spieler gelost, der ein Paar KangaRoos gewinnt!

Adressen, Zeitpläne und alles Weitere checkt ihr HIER.

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Headis Team-WM Recap Olaf der Wikinger03.05.2019

He was just a backup but hours before the start of the show he was told to play and he did! His partner Giovanni Zarrella went to the table and won the whole thing!

How did you react as René called and told you that you are part of the show?

At first I whought it was a rumour but as I was told it was real I was totally excited. I called tons of people right away that Headis will have this huge TV appearance. As René called me I realized that it was about something huge!

How was the relation to your celeb partner?

Giovanni is a great guy who was in a good mood all the time. I think we would have gotten along with everybody and I was lucky to have him as a partner. Backstage he was helping me and made the anxiety disappear. In the show he motivated me and he was playing great himself.

What was bigger: nervousness or fun?
Definately the fun. While we were entering the show and right before the second game I was pretty nervouss but all in all the fun was way bigger. As the show started and I saw common faces I calmed down. As I knew the we made it to the semifinals and already showed some nice Headis I could totally enjoy it.
Where did you watch the show?

I was watching in Mainz with a couple of Headis friends. We had a BBQ and there were even a lot of guys that didn’t know the results. It was fun to see their reactions!

Did you expect to win?

Not at all.I only had won one tournament before and lost more games against my opponents than I had won. I think experience is very important at Headis and all the other guys are playing for a longer time than me. It was a special sorrounding for all of us so this might has helped me to get along and Giovanni and me worked surprisingly good as a team

Is there anything you want to add?

Everyone who knows the Headis scene, knows that there are some Wurstis or Headbrötchens thay great Headis and can do a better show than me and should be more likely on TV than me. There are many players that did so much for Headis and would have deserved to be part of the show. So I once again want to say thank you to Headis and to Pro7 for the opportunity to play the show. It was one of my greatest experiences ever!

Headis Team-WM Recap Sniper Schorsch24.04.2019

Nobbody has played more tournament-games and he’s part of the organization of every tournament. Read what Sniper Schorsch has to say about the Headis Team-WM.

How did you react as René called and told you that you are part of the show?

I stood next to René as he got a call and heared the news that the show would happen. In that moment it was clear to me that I would play. Of course I was extremely happy for myself but I was even more for Headis.

How was the relation to your celeb partner?

It couldn’t have been any easier. All the celebs were great guys but for me Mario was even more relaxed just doing his thing. He just got a little mad as he wasn’t alloud to smoke during the rehearsels. During the show we even talked about football as you would do with a good friend.

What was bigger: nervousness or fun?

It was nearly totally fun and anticipation. Everybody was in a good mood and it was pretty informal. Even the girl that made me lots of coffee was good-tempered. During the show it was just fun! For all of the twelve players.

Where did you watch the show?

The whole Headis-Organization-Crew watched it at Beer Vampires birthday. Of course Rolli the Butcher commentatet the whole thing perfectly!

Is there something could learn from Mario Basler?

I think you can learn a lot of his footballwisdoms. He (as passionate smoker) did win a set contrary to me so I guess I should start smoking!

Is there anything you want to add?

I just have to say thank you. Thanks to everybody who was involved and especially to more than 300 people that came to Cologne to be with us. No World Ranking, no free overnight stay – just some free beer and Headis! And of course a huge compliment to René. Not everybody achieves things like that!

Headis Team-WM Recap Headsinfarkt10.04.2019

He is always the favourite for the win! Often he can only stop himself if nothing unexpected happens. He probably did not expect to break his wrist in a snowboard accident. Even though – or especially because of that – his performance during the show was impressive! See what Headsinfarkt says about the Headis Team-WM!

How did you react as René called and told you that you are part of the show?

As René called, I was in Cologne with World Champion Janna Kournikova. Of course we were celebrating the good news and drank a toast with a white cafe.

How was the relation to your celeb partner?

My partner Kai Pflaume was really really nice and we had a lot of fun. He even video-called me a week before the show and we discussed our tactics. He trained before the show in Munich with the t times french Champion Schmoffkopf so he was prepared very well. He also pronounced to keep playing Headis. Maybe we’ll see him again at one of the tournaments!

What was bigger: nervousness or fun?

I thought a lot about it already three weeks before the show and was positively anxious. The fun definitely was bigger. During the show there almost was no nervousness and it was just huge fun to play with in front of this great crowd in this unbelievable atmosphere!

Where did you watch the show?

The whole Headis Crew in Cologne got together and we watched it in a bar.

When does the plaster cast get off and how far could you have gone without it?

It is already off for two weeks but of course I’m still pretty limited in my mobility. The doc says I should wait six more weeks until I can go 100% but I hope that I can jump with both hands on the table in Darmstadt already.
It’s hard to say if I would have reached the final without the plaster cast because a set is so short. All in all I am totally satisfied with the result because at some point I even thought I couldn’t compete at all.

Is there anything you want to add?

Although there probably won’t be a second Team-WM it was a massive event and it was hell lot of fun to have been part of it. I hope the show is a good chance to make Headis more popular and similar events are possible. Then I won’t get injured!

Headis Team-WM Recap Nomit02.04.2019

Everybody saw the show and even the trailers. THE scene of the tournament was Nomits jumping smash against Bagger Peter in the semifinal. Of course we also talked to the youngest player about the show and about what happened afterwards.

How did you react as René called and told you that you are part of the show?

Of course I was incredibly happy and approved my participation right away. I have to admit: I was relieved as René told me that it wasn’t live. Then I started imagining the whole thing!

How was the relation to your celeb partner?

Tom and I got along very well right away. It was super funny and we had a good time. He helped me to handle the nervousness. I’m sure I would have gottan along with the other celebs but I was glad to have had him as a partner.

What was bigger: nervousness or fun?

During the rehearsels the atmosphere was really relaxed. Just an hour before the show the tension rose and I was really nervous. In the show I needed some time to feel comfortable but the longer the show took, the better I could enjoy the game and anything else!

Where did you watch the show?

I watched it at a friends place with my best buddies, having two or three beers, pizza and great mood.

Do you think that you can ever jump this high again?

It will be hard to repeat this with such an audience, pumped with adrenalin! But if the crowd will be alike, next time I will do even better!

So? After Kai Plaumes Instagram call: How many girls wanted to meet you?

After his surprising appeal my cell phone froze for a little while. Within 12 hourse I had 700 new followers and some girls got in touch with me. Thanks Kai!

Is there anything you want to add?

I am so grateful to René, the Headis community and RaabTV for this priceless experience. I wish that Headis now gehts the publicity that this great sport deserves so much!

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