Beautiful Decay
May - 2022 - Koerich

A Headis-Tournament and a two day Music Festival? YESSIR!

The tournament specials:

  • 2-Star -Tournament
  • free entry for the festival
  • Tournament-Goodie for all players
  • 2 free overnight stays are included (Fr. – Su.)
  • showers will be there for the players
  • The Festival!


Here you find all infos about the festival.

Important: The tournament is limited to 48 guys and 16 girls. We will probably be able to raise it a bit but the Superduperspecialtournament will definitely be limited. The players that sign up and pay first, will play the tournament. The Top10 of the guys and Top8 of the girls have time until the 31st of march and by then have a safe seat to ensure the highest Headisquality at the tournament.

During the Ticket-Process you just choose the Early-Bird-Ticket and add the free Headis-Package. The Headis-Package will be availabe at sunday, 27th of march on 6pm.

Sign up here!

Warmup: 10 am
Tournament Start: 11 am

Tournament Addresse: Koerich Castle (Gréiweschlass, Luxembourg)