Glück Auf Cup 2021
September - 2021 - Bochum

Back to Bochum!

The specials at a glance:

  • 3.5-star-tournament
  • incredible Tournament Shirt
  • really awesome buffet incl. Currywurst
  • more to come
  • we’ll have to wait a bit until we can tell something about party/overnight stay

To enter the Tournament you need to be vaccined, cured or tested. The test can’t be older than 48 hours. You can show us your certificats via Corona-Warn-App or via Covpass-App. You can checkin to the tournament via Corona-Warn-App, via Luca-App or via a regular form.

Warump: 11 am
Tournament Start: 12 noon

Address: Markstraße 189, 44801 Bochum