World Championship 2018
June - 2018 - Kaiserslautern
Kaiserslautern, the city where it all started, will host the biggest tournament of the year – the Headis World Championship – once again. Last year PFAFF, this year SWK! The SWK Versorgung AG/Verkehrs AG invites all players to there terrain in Kaiserslautern with enough space for this year’s motto “PLAYGROUND”. Further information about that and about times, specials, aftershowparty,… to come!

Registration starts 10.05.2018

Fr. 29.06.
4:00pm-9:00pm: Qualification (Stiftswaldstraße 4)
10:00pm-Midnight: Latenight-Quali Unisport Kaiserslautern
5:30pm-8:00pm: Youth-WC

Sa. 30.06.
10:00am: Warm-Up
10:30am-8:00pm: World Championship

Qualification starts on Friday, the 29th of June while the main tournament is played one day later on Saturday, the 30th of June.

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