Our Headis Diary – March20.09.2016

Leaving the euro zone, drove the van on 1600 m up the mountains and grown the Headis offspring in the meantime. That was the march for Headis!

It started again with René alias Headi Potter this time together with World Champion Headsinfarkt. Together they went to London in the training center of FC Arsenal London to play Headis with the guys from the Premiere League – on a wonderful self-made Headis table. The guys almost didn’t make it to London! While Potter had his take off from Frankfurt, Headsinfarkt started from Cologne. Unfortunately, our partner booked the flights reversed! Headsinfarkt could change his name, Potter had to take the next flight. At the end everything worked out! Check the article!

Only two days after the arrival from London, René and the other guys from Kaiserslautern drove to skiing area in France. The Mountain Cup in Les 2 Alpes was about to come!

During a week of skiing and a little party there is a Headis tournament on 1600 meters altitude every year. Every year we transport 6 tables on the mountain to start the tournament with around 30 boys and 6 girls. This year even the Mountain Cup was blown up. We had to decline the latest applications. There were easily 50 people who wanted to be participant on the tournament. Awesome!

Also awesome: Michael Headson from the Headson Five! The youngest member of the Headis crew at this moment defeated Headi Potter, Bob the Headmaster and Sniper Schorsch consecutively to win his first tournament. Respect!

While the colleagues played the tournament in France, Headonis stays at home and teaches young people who do a voluntary year in sports at three workshops within five days! #Takeonefortheteam!

One of us made a trip to America in March! After Headição was such a success in the Dominican Republic the Sports Minister became a huge fan of the project and of Headis! So there was obviously one thing to do: Get one of the german Headis professionals there for two weeks! So the Wurstverkäufer got there without speaking any spanish! He did an awesome job for the international Headis understanding! In our Headis Diary of May you will read where this lead to!

days on the road in 2016:41
Kilometers by car:5331
Kilometers by plane:34193