What to extepct at the Teatime Madness20.02.2020

It is motherfucking tea time!

This Weekend we’ll play the Teatime Madness in Darmstadt and the local crew spared no expense nor effort. They provide us with a great party, enormous buffet, possibility to sleep and a huge tournament with 120 men and 24 women participating.

But not only the Teastime Madness will take place this weekend, we’ll also have the qualification round for the European Open. No registration needed and no entrance fee, so drop by and play.

In order to warm up, listen to Conny and Wursti philosophizing about the upcoming tournament or watch the Top 10 of last years Teatime Madness!

Hass aber fair #14 - Cash-Clash-Preview-Edition

Headis Top 10 Teatime Madness 2019