The highlights from Cologne27.09.2018

beautiful players, beautiful location. Ready to go!

as always in Cologne: a massive Tombola

Center Court Action

A flying World Champion!

impressive Rings for the winners!

1 pic, 8 winners!

The winners

  1. Klausi
  2. missing Pepper
  3. FuWaTe
  4. Janna Kournikova


  1. Ullix
  2. Headsinfarkt
  3. Olaf der Wikinger
  4. Bagger Peter

In october there won’t be a tournament but we highly anticipate the first weekend in november. A weekend like no one before! More than 130 players will play the first Headis-Tournamen in Slovakia before the Europapokal takes place in Czech Republic. You can be sure that we will celebrate APPROPRIATELY! #Trollibus