Tutorial “Tournament Registration”20.06.2017

Login / Registration

The black menu bar is always visble at headis.com

Here you just have to click “Login” to log in or to create a new account.

If you don’t have an account already please click on “Register me as a Headis-player”.

If you already have an account just type in your username/email and your password.

If you forgot your password you can easily reset it here, too.

Create your account

When you create a new account at the Registration, please fill out the formula incl. your great player name!


After creating your account you can login using your playername or your email address!

This is where the Magic happens

When you are logged in you will be directed to your personal profile site. Here you can register for the upcoming tournament.


You can also edit your profile data, add a motto or upload a beautiful picture.

In the next step you can choose your payment method. Either bank transfer or Paypal.

For international payments we suggest paypal. The emailaddress of your Paypal account doesn’t have to be the same as of your Headis account as long as you use the Paypal button on headis.com

Please don’t just send the fee to our paypal account without using the button on headis.com. Then we can’t relate the payment with your Headis account.

When you choose “Bank Transfer” you can check our Account Information here so you can easily transfer the money.

When you choose Paypal just follow the instructions there. It won’t take more than a minute.

You are almost done! When we receive your payment and the tournament is not fully booked already we will confirm your tournament registration. When you receive an email with this confirmation you are registered for the tournament!
That’s the time to go out and play some Headis with your friends!