European Open / Headis Cup Bratislava23.03.2018
European Open / Headis Cup Bratislava

Headis makes history once again! In November we will play the first Headis Cup in Bratislava AND will play the European Open in the Czech Republic. (Yes European Open… nor more European Championship!).

If you want to be part of the whole trip then remember to register. You can choose:

  • Make your now trip: Travel their by your own, play the Headis Cup Bratislava, be part of the EO as a visitor, get a place to sleep, get an event shirt,… (costs: 35€)
  • Travel with the Headisbus: Be part of the Headistrip of your life! Travel their with other Headisplayers in a Bus (Kaiserslautern – Bratislava – Brno – Kaiserslautern, play the Headis Cup Bratislava, be part of the EO as a visitor, get a place to sleep, get an event shirt,.. (costs: 50€)

Only a limited number of players will be able to drive their with the bus so make sure you register in time. Registration starts on Sunday, 01.04.2018 at 6 pm! As always you can easily register on for the Cup . The point of time of the registration online will be the criteria if you are among the lucky players as long as the payment gets in within one week. If you pay and unfortunately don’t make it your fee of course will be refunded.

We will confirm your attendance asap! There’s one thing we can say: be quick! Lots of guys want to play the Headis Cup in Bratislava so grab your laptop, smartphone and tabler and be ready! Sunday, 01.04.2018 at 6 pm!



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