Headis Masters 201916.01.2019
Perfect Location for a Headis Masters

The best 30 players of 2018 were invited to Mainz to find the Headis Masters Championb 2019!

Crunch Time starting from the group stage
Every point counts
Full Throttle

Headsinfarkt had the chance to be the first players being Masters-, European- and World Champion!

Wildcard vs. former Masters-Winner

On Instagram @headclashtv you see Headis live action during the tournaments!

One Love – 30 players 0 rivals
Both Cups go to Cologne

even in the same apartment Headsinfarkt and the big bad Head win the first titles of the year!

30 Gewinner

So this was the Headis Masters 2019. Great location, awesome vibes and world class Headis!

The Rankings:


10. Thompson
9. Red Hot Chili Header
8. Spiff
7. FuWaTe
6. Mini Milq
5. Theaddix
4. Janna Kournikova
3. Red Hot Chili Headers missing Pepper
2. Cabezaza
1. The big bad Head


20. Deki
19. DrHead
18. Ibuna
17. Head0r, Kampfschrei aus der Unterwelt
16. Headi Potter
15. Headlowsky
14. Headsdugern
13. Headbrötchen
12. Superfly
11. Der unglaubliche Kalk
10. Dendiik
9. Nomit
8. Michael Headson von den Headson 5
7. HeadBen
6. Bob der Headmasters
5. Lauchgesicht
4. Olaf der Wikinger
3. Wurstverkäufer
2. Sniper Schorsch
1. Headsinfarkt