Our Headis Diary – December09.01.2017

We were waiting so long for the Weihnach5köpperei! On December 10th it finally started. 150 players had fun at 24 tables. Tons of dressup people! A sucessful Headição Bazar that made 400€ for our Charity Project. 2 Wildcard winners. Tatapan and Headdel were the winners of the day. Aloha Mr. Superdüx expresses his incredible love for Headis. And the awesome party lasts all night long! That was the Weihnacht5köpperei!!

On sunday there was a lot to clean up but lots of players from Kaiserslautern were helping so we were done really quickly. So we were in time to get our plane to the US. Las Vegas calling!!! The SkillCon had tons of weirds sports and almost more cameras than contestors. You can look forward to the great footage…!

Days on the road in 2016:162
Kilometers by car:25404
Kilometers by plane:98847

An incredible year! We already started the next one!! Thanks to everybody who supports Headis in any kind of way!!