Teatime Madness 201808.05.2018
Get well soon, Karate Head

Throwing teabags, heading into a goal wall, sushi, hot dogs, close matches, a heartbeating final and good vibes… this year’s Teatime Madness had everything. But the moment of the tournament happened before everything started. All players took a foto while doing a karate pose as a convalescence wish for the Belgium player Karate Head who cannot play for quiet some time because of an accident. Shout out to everybody for that! This is Headis!

The athletic part of the tournament started with a big upset in the second round. Headbrötchen mit Zwiebeln lost in a strongly contested game against the Slovakian player Dendiik. Great match of the former national player and a big point for slovakian Headis.

There weren’t many surprises during the tournament. The top seeded players all advanced to the semifinals, except for Sniper Schorsch who lost against the local Olaf der Wikinger who got big cheers from the crowd and ended up at the third place after a great match against Lauchgesicht.

In the final the European Champion Headsinfarkt faced the Masters winner Pressure Pete. “Instant classic” as Rolle der Schlächter would say. After a 10:7 lead in the last set for Headsinfarkt nobody believed in a comeback by Pressure Pete, except for Pressure Pete himself. The player from Kaiserslautern approved his top form of the last tournaments and won the last set by 12:10 – after his win at the masters he finally gets his first world cup title.

Rankings (Men):

  1. Pressure Pete
  2. Headsinfarkt
  3. Olaf der Wikinger
  4. Lauchgesicht

There weren’t big surprises at the women’s competition at first sight. World Champion Klausi faced FuWaTe in the first semifinal – a match that was the final at the last world cup in Brussels where Klausi won. But FuWaTe was ready and finally got her first win against Klausi since 2016. In the finals her opponent was Spiff (who won against Missing Pepper in a close two-set-match) who tried her best but couldn’t pretend FuWaTe from winning her second world cup title and jumping to the 3rd place of the world ranking.

Rankings (Women):

  1. FuWaTe
  2. Spiff
  3. Klausi
  4. Missing Pepper

Thanks to the whole Darmstadt crew for organizing an awesome tournament and to the Headis Community for celebrating and for the collective breakfast at World Headis Day. Next stop -> World Championship