Our Headis Diary – January28.03.2017

2016 was packed! So there’s one thing to do in 2017: keep going!

On Friday 13th we went to Lahr to host the first tournament this year. Tombola, photo booth, graffiti. Everything was set and of course we also played Headis this year. Headsinfarkt and FuWaTe got the trophies that day!

Two weeks later and still in january a great highlight was about to follow! The Headis Masters 2017. On ran.de and Focus.de all players were introduced before the tournament and during the day we produced a 5 hour livestream. All in all it was an unforgetable weekend! See the Top 10 Plays!

With barely any rest two of us went to Bitburg to host some Headis Workshops for tow days!

days on the road in 2017:8
Kilometers on all cars:1542
Kilometers by plane:0