Our Headis Diary – April28.09.2016

The April was very international! Belgium, China and the Czech Republic wanted to be visited. Between all these journeys there was the 4 Star Tournament in Göttingen!

Brussels was the beginning! It was the location of the belgian qualification for the Tipico Headis European Championship. Once again Karate Head won it and qualified together with his brother to represent Belgium at the Headis EC 2016 some weeks later. These were the first 800 km of April…

Some days later Headi Potter and Michael Headson went to Shanghai again. They played showmatches to thrill lots of Chinese and gave several workshops. Of course there had to be some crazy shit as well! Our partners in China literally branded everything! Even the Cupcakes had the Headis logo on them! The total highlight was our new Headis mascot! The chinese word for seal is pronounced “Headchi” so it was clear which nice animal will be part of the way of Headis in China! His name is Ding Ding!

Thursday night: The plane from Shanghai landed. On firday at noon our bus went off to Göttingen! It was an awesome tournament. The location fits 100% to Headis, the food of the local crew was great and the atmosphere especially at the final was insane. Another highlight of the Headis year 2016 was an overwhelming speech held by Spiff. As one of “the old guys” of Headis he found great words for Headis and its community! He highlighted two players. At first he honoured the best action of the tournament. It went to a player that was surprised that after buying a beer his change still was enough to buy another one because it was so cheap. So he instantly took one more! The guy was die Fliege (The Fly) and he was celebrated by the whole crowd and by Spiffs great words. Words that became even more meaningful some weeks later as the fly unfortunately passed away.

The other honoured player was Hans Olo. Spiff choose him for his Headis lifetime achievement. Basically every statistic says that he has no chance to ever win a tournament. He competed in 60 of the so far 84 Headis tournaments and was knocked out at the group stage 43 times! But nobody can compete with this 44 year old when it comes to partying after the tournament! This is Headis. This was Göttingen.

There was one more trip in April. It lead us to Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech Republic were the czech qualification for the Headis European Championship took place. The boys and girls over there did a great job and set up a magnificent tournament. There even was a huge LED screen that presented the tournament at the biggest city highway and the tournament made it to the nationwide news! As our czech friends would say: “Schöne Arbeit” (beautiful work)!

days on the road in 2016:55
Kilometers by car:8393
Kilometers by plane:43108