Midnight Madness opens the Headis season 201512.03.2015
Cups from Hassia for the winners
Picture: HEADIS

The Midnight Madness in Darmstadt was the first world cup in Hessen and started with very nice 101 participants and many special offers besides the table. Additionally the SV Darmstadt 98 declared the opening of an Headis department in the club.

The quarter finals in the overview:

RHCH missing Pepper – Klausi
Leni the fearless honeybadger – The Big Bad Head
Schmoffkopf – Headinho
Headité – FuWaTe

Headsinfarkt – Flying Dutchman
Headbrötchen mit Zwiebeln – Heineken
Lauchgesicht – Nosebraker
Nomit – Sniper Schorsch

You see a lot of established players but a few new comers too. For example FuTaWe surprising against Haedité but Missing Pepper was one number to big for FuTaWe and the final opponent of Pepper was called Headinho. The first Bembel cup of this evening and and of all time won Pepper in a very clear game. But the fans of the 4th FuTaWe celebrate their star like a world champion.

On the male side Sniper Schorsch celebrated a big comeback in a nearly lost game against Lauchgesicht and entered the final against Headsinfarkt.. Sniper started, watched by the public viewing in Hannover via live stream started, well in the game but Headsinfarkt stroked back in the second set. In the deciding last set Sniper couldn´t come back like in the half final and Headsinfarkt own the match and was the second (first male) winner of the Midnight Madness and proud owner of an 1.5 liter Bembel cup. The both winners got additionally a new pair of Kangaroos shoes.

Finally we have to say we are hungry of more Midnight Madness made in Darmstadt!