So much has happened in 2015 – The Review03.01.2016
there is much to do for the best job in the world
Picture: Schießbude

Every year Headis makes unbelievable progess. There is so much to tell that not everything could fit in one text.
Here are the highlights:

Over the year there were 12 Headis World Cups played. That makes a new record. Plus the Headis Masters at the beginning of the year makes one tournament every four weeks! We celebrated the first Tipico European Championship and the tenth World Championship. Great Milestones! From Switzerland, Belgium and the Czech Republic players came to Konstanz to receive a warm Welcome from the german players. Some weeks later it was time for the thenth Headis World Championship. There couldn’t be a better place than the “Wesch”, the place where Headis was invented in 2006! Surrounded by 150 spectaters the final took place on an earthy ground. That is Headis! At the end of the year Headsinfarkt wins his 11th tournament in 2015. Besides the Masters and the EC (where he couldn’t participate) he won every single tournament. But there is even more: Since the WeihnachtsköpperDrei 2014 he is UNDEFEATED.

Some weeks before he quit his TV career Stefan Raab wanted to play one more TV Total Headis Special. Tom Beck trained several weeks among the guys in Cologne an won the TV tournament. Even afterwords he was still playing there! Headis inventor Headi Potter and World Champions Headsinfarkt played a great match and made Stefan Raab hardly believed his own eyes. Millions watch the game on TV and online.

It feels like a long time has passed but it was only ten months ago. The Headis Charity-Projekt Headição wins the international ISPO-Award in the category “Social Awareness”. Followed by an invitation to Shanghai and two stays in the Dominican Republic. There were many tables built and we started a Headis supply on a regular base. The next Kooperation with the Dominican Sports Minister is in the making.

The participants of the WeihnachtsköppVIERei already know: Headis has a lead sponsor for the tournament series 2016. Glacéau vitaminvater. For you that means lots of free drinks and a big extra portion of awesomness at every tournament!

Some days before the year ende the sport made another huge step: While most people already chilled the beer for their sylvester celebration René didn’t rest and went to Shanghai. The result: The partnership for dissemination of Headis in China is decided. Who would have thought some years ago?! Awesome!

There is so much more to tell but we already concentrate on 2016 because we aim for even greater progess! In January the new homepage will be launched with some nice new features…

Thanks for always being there. Thanks to 1952 tournament players in 2015. Thanks to all the players in the parcs. Thanks to alle the Headição wristbandwearers. Thanks to all the facebook likers. Thanks to our sponsors. Thanksto everybody that just loves Headis as much as we do. See you in 2016.