Czech Republic on a whole new level23.05.2017

Let’s be honest guys! How do you do that??!!

About once a month we host a Headis Tournament and they are special every time. With the semifinals the atmosphere gets crazy! In Prague we hosted the first tournament in Czech Republic ever. We witness something that hasn’t happened often in those meanwhile 10 years of Headis!

About 100 players signed in for the cup. Barely anybody had a short trip the the czech Capital. So many players visited the aftershow party to make the trip worth it. And it was worth it! Lots of eastern European players where around and Žaba even made it to the round of the last 16! That’s where the KO-stage of the girls started so it was no surprise Tableminnie made it there. Her first KO-game was against YAYA from Slovakia so one of the eastern Europe girls hat to win anyway you could say. Tableminnie won and her next opponent was Headländerin who played even less tournaments (1) than Tableminnie (2) before. Tableminnie also won that one 13:11 – 11:8.

Then it should have come to an end. In the semifinal she had to play against Klausi (the current World Champion that also won the Masters in January). Klausi won the first set 11:6. No surprise. But it was that Center Court feeling! A bunch of czech guys cheering for their player and Tableminnie that just played great Headis! She could win the close second set (11:9) und did the impossible and even won the third one against the World Champion. The Czech went completely crazy and nobody can realise what just had happened. The Germans can help from cheering with the Czech! #tearsofjoy

So Tableminnie made it to the final. Her opponent was FuWaTe who had beaten former World Champion Tatapan before. After losing the match point even she could du nothing but smile all over her face.

There is nothing more to write. Just watch this awesome moment of the triupmh and what happened afterwords!!! Tableminnie, Tableminnie, HEY HEY!!!!

Sebastian Headdel beat his partner from Cologne Headsinfarkt and won his third tournament.

The winners:

  1. Headis


  1. Everybody who was there


  1. Tableminnie
  2. FuWaTe
  3. Klausi


  1. Sebastian Headdel
  2. Headsinfarkt
  3. Lauchgesicht

A huge Thankyou goes to Aleš Karásek aka Baldhead and his Crew. Aleš is our partner in Czech Republic and Slovakia. He was the first one that professionally pushed Headis outside from Germany. He is a crazy sports fan. A great guy that even went to the airport to pick up Karate Head some hours before the tournament. He is a machine!